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TOUR CODE SPECIALFrom $1413 pp/dbl US
Length: 7 Days
HIGHLIGHTS: This trip is totally unique! There is no itinerary! You decide what you want to do and how far you want to go in your exploration of the Amazon. Our lodge is located on one of the upper tributaries of this mighty river and is an eco-tourism project of the local Indians. It has exclusive access to the Tamshiyacu-Tahuayo Reserve and features many programs from a jungle survival coarse to swimming with the rare pink dolphins. (A must do!) In addition there is a cable and harness system on which you can spend hours in the canopy, jungle canoeing, hiking, fishing and great bird and primate viewing. If you are a nature lover or seek adventure of the highest caliber, this trip is for you! Extensions to Machu Picchu and trekking the Inca trail can be added to make for that perfect vacation. Come and challenge yourself!
PeruOur lodge on the Tahuayo River has access to a great variety of ecosystems that we can explore as well as many native communities downriver. The are sufficient English speaking native men and women guides so that each person can go at their own pace and according to their interests. This is ideal for people who do not want to be stuck with a large group on a pre-set itinerary.

You can choose a photographer's pace, a soft pace or a ruggedly adventurous pace. You can concentrate more on birdwatching, canoeing, canopy exploration, fishing or native culture. You can be active before breakfast or well into the evening.

Families can have a private guide who specializes in working with pre-teens or young teens. Special itineraries are available for marriages, honeymoons, anniversaries, and other special occasions.

Travelers thirsting for the ultimate in adventure can leave the lodge with their guide and camp in the old growth terra firme forest in the interior of the reserve. A sample of some of the itinerary options that you can choose from. Most are available year round, but if there are recommended seasons, these are noted in parentheses. All are guided by our staff.

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